about me

Hello, I'm Dana Braga. I'm a freelance artist working from Rio de Janeiro. I've created art for multiple TTRPG books, for sites like the EN World and most recently I finished a huge project for Shard Tabletop, in which I created token art for all the creatures in the Monster Manual SRD (+300). 

While I'm not working, I'm probably playing rpg with my friends. 

Books with my work

● "Treachery and Forgotten Sins," 2019

● "The Mystery of the Missing Bodies," 2019

● "Animal Sidekicks," 2019

● "Auntie Solveig Steals the Holidays," 2019

● "Cursed Classes," 2019

● "Eberron Sidekicks: The Wayfinder Foundation's

Register of Extraordinary Individuals," 2019

● "Feywild Vol. 2," 2019/2020

● "Cursed Classed: Even Cursier," 2020

● "Adventure Sidekicks: Descent into Avernus," 2020

● "Heroes & Villains of the Old World," 2020

● "Scientific Secrets of Avernus," 2020

● "Sora Esma's Tome of Urban Legends: 13 Across

Eberron Folktales," 2020

● "The Princess Project," 2020

● "Supers & Sorcery," 2020