Creature Design - Jaquito

Alien creature design.

The prompt: "In this case characters from an expedition are surveying a newfound planet rich with life (...) the basic premise of the environment, is an inhospitable, wet and dense jungle (...) We need some creatures to populate it for two specific sequences. A non-threatening prey animal (creature #1)..."
I nicknamed them "jaquitos" and I kind of wanted to try something cute you'd like to see visiting a jungle from another planet. They mostly eat fruit, and when they're sleeping on the trees you may mistake them for actual pinkish alien-fruit hanging from the branches.
They don't really walk, their feet are stiff and made to slide on the super wet/mossy branches of this jungle. They have long "arms" to move around and this sort of tail coming out of their head (continuing their spine, like an inverse skeleton). And they're the size of a large jackfruit.